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Website Redesign

The websites which are outdated and poor in design cannot reach the modern audience now. With the more upsurge of the development technologies more advanced websites are designed by the web designers now. If a website fails to fulfill it purpose it must be redesigned. We at The GROWTH INFOTECH a web design company in Delhi, India offer website redesigning at an affordable cost. Our web redesign process includes all from identifying the target audience to structure designing which fall under one umbrella.


Before redesigning a site our designers evaluate the existing website of an owner. What kind of changes the site needs, it is analyzed in proper details. Redesigning of site gives something new to your online customers and visitors and it enhances your brand name. You can periodically give your site a new look. Our designers maintain the cutting-edge standards of design, navigation and functionality. The main website redesigning services include custom redesign solution including graphical layout and design, navigation structure and enhancement of functionality.


At the initial stage our designers will focus on the main aim of your site and the target audience. Both aesthetics and usability of the sites are given importance as a creative and innovative design attracts the visitors soon. Then we give importance to visual presence of the site and its functionality. If the site gives all the message of the business correctly, but it is not user friendly then it has no meaning. A site must be user friendly and a visitor and customer should get all the meaning immediately.


website design


Why you need a website redesign?

Our web designers also make custom web design using the latest technologies. They have good expertise on seo which is very essential for a successful website design.

How you will be benefited from our web redesign services?

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